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Westmont was an area of very large houses

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“Didn’t your mother make you pick up things after you used them?” Laura asked jokingly, as she cleared the table.”The maid always did that,” Bryan replied.”Oh, sure,” she mocked. “And the cook prepared all the meals, so how did you learn to cook?”.”No, nike dunk heels really, we had a maid. I grew up in Westmont.”

Westmont was an area of very large houses, mansions, and estates, and many of the residents did have maids. What a shame, thought Laura, for parents to use their wealth in a way which permitted their child to grow up believing that he could leave the world a messy place, and someone else would follow behind and clean it up. It was just a red bottom shoes fleeting thought, soon put aside in the rapture she felt that weekend. The setting was romantic, with perfect summer weather without rain or humidity to spoil it, and it was too early in the season for the dreaded black flies and mosquitoes. They were two healthy young people on a much-needed vacation from demanding jobs. They were both fit – Bryan played squash regularly at a club near his office, and Laura’s walking to work every day kept her in shape – and they had quickly reached the level of familiarity which made their physical intimacy so enjoyable. They had found a great deal to like in each other, and it was a weekend which neither wanted to end.


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